I am an America First, Constitutional Conservative that is running to represent Assembly District 68 in Orange County, CA. This district includes the cities of Orange, Anaheim, and Santa Ana. I believe it is so important to protect the freedoms we were gifted with from God. After graduating from Orange Lutheran High School in 2012 and graduating from Santiago Canyon College in 2014, I transferred to Cal State Fullerton to study what I always wanted - Broadcast Journalism. When I achieved a Bachelor's Degree in 2016 with that major, I knew that if I chose to work for a big media network, I would have to put aside my Christian values and morals. That is something I would never do just for a paycheck. So, I didn't. Instead, I chose to go work in the tradeshow industry.

A few years into my career, the Covid-19 pandemic came along and decimated the industry. To this day, it's still up in the air if it will ever come back or not. Since the pandemic, we have all witnessed the tyrannical measures that were put in place by our radical left politicians. I vehemently oppose the communistic things that are taking place in our state and will fight at every turn to make sure our freedoms don't get trampled on.

I uphold the values and principles of our country's founding documents. I believe the Constitution should be revered and upheld. I believe that individual liberty should be cherished and maximized. I also believe in limited government, local control, sound money management and free enterprise.

  • First Amendment Protection (all 5 pillars) - Religion, speech, press, freedom to assemble, and to petition the government of a redress or grievance. Pandemics and fear should not halt or cancel the First Amendment, in any way.

  • The Second Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed.

  • I am 100% Pro-life and believe that life should be protected, beginning at conception.

  • Small government and reduced taxes are best for the people and the economy.

  • Traditional marriage and traditional gender identity.

  • Strong border security and strong immigration policies to protect America.

  • America First policies when it comes to trade and manufacturing, as much as possible.

  • Voter ID and voter integrity laws. Mail in ballots should not be a standard practice. And only American citizens should be allowed to vote.

  • Medical freedom is a basic human right. I believe no one should be discriminated against, terminated from employment, the military, or from school for lack of any medical device, vaccine, or pharmaceutical. No medical or mask mandates should be allowed, and no lock downs of churches, businesses, or citizens.

  • Law enforcement is an important and necessary part of our society, and they must be funded to keep law and order.