"I'm running to wake up the American Dream for all Californians, and put an end to the Democrat's woke nightmare."


I believe it is essential to have School Choice. Therefore, I support the Educational Freedom Act. The Educational Freedom Act would effectively give each K-12 student an Education Savings Account and give the power to parents to spend $14,000 at a school of their choice – no matter how much money they make. I vehemently oppose Critical Race Theory and believe that Patriotic education should be taught in schools.

I support affordable housing. Weak leadership at the local level along with a lack of strategic collaboration has inflated vagrancy. I support working with faith-based organizations and non-profits to deliver sustainable results for our growing homeless population. I vehemently oppose SB 9. While SB 9 was created to address what the state called a “housing shortage”, the new development it promotes has caused concern for current residents who worry about how it affects: Density, the environment, air quality, government services, noise, property values, infrastructure, traffic and street parking.


Californians are overtaxed on everything. Raising taxes does nothing to solve our problems. As a pro business candidate, I want to see California become the economic powerhouse that it once was. I will fight for lower taxes.


We are a country of law and order. I support law enforcement, and oppose defunding the police.


I support legal immigration. I understand that doing it the legal way takes a very long time. I believe that there are ways we could make it less expensive and speed up the process.


The most critical parts of our water infrastructure were built over a half century ago. Some 30% of California’s water supply comes straight from reservoirs, which haven’t been maintained in decades. Despite Democrats pledging to build new water infrastructure and raising taxes for that very purpose numerous times, absolutely NO major water storage facilities have been built since 1979. I support updating our water infrastructure and making sure our farmers maintain an abundant supply of water for our agriculture even when there’s drought periods.